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God Does Not Make Mistakes

I don’t use the word God very often in my blogs. But it’s not because I don’t believe in God or at least a super powerful source of energy that is always around to help guide us. It is because the word God means so many different things to so many different people. Think about all the wars that have been fought in the name of God. But you know what, God is not the one causing all the hatred. It is the misunderstandings and the miscommunication and the misinterpretations of what God really is. And if you knew God you would know that everything that is created is created through love. And love, TRUE LOVE, is unconditional and that is all we need for all people to get along. I know I have said this before but I will say it again. We need to live and let live. Just because someone is different does not make them bad or a mistake. God knows what He/She is doing. God did not create gay people just so He/She could condemn them and keep them out of Heaven. And He/She didn’t create different colored people just so some people could be owners and some could be slaves. He/She created us all equal. If you ever watch a bunch of multi-colored children playing together you would see how natural it is to love one another. Hatred is learned. There is no reason to hate anyone.

Do you remember the saying, “What would Jesus do?” Well do you think that Jesus would go around helping people but when he came upon a gay man or a prostitute or a black person he would say, “Oh sorry I can’t help you, you don’t fit the criteria.” NO! He didn’t worry about that sort of thing. He loved everyone for who they were.

You know it doesn’t matter how you were raised. If you have a mind you can think whatever you want to think. You have the choice to like who you want to like and love who you want to love. If you are a protestant and you fall in love with a catholic that doesn’t mean you are bad. You are in love and that is all God wants for all of us. How could anyone think that God could or would make a mistake? He/She is God. God is perfect so how could He/She make a mistake?

Just because you don’t understand why someone else is the way they are doesn’t mean you have to hate them. Why not try letting people do their own thing and you do your own thing? That way no one is hurting anyone. You would be so wrapped up in what you’re doing to give what anyone else is doing a second thought.

We all have the right to live the way we want to. God made this world big enough for everyone to live the life they choose. No one has the right to condemn anyone else for being happy. All this hatred is what causes disease and illness. There is a saying that says, “Before you worry about the splinter in my eye, take the plank out of your eye.” Or the saying, “He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.” These are things we should all consider. Are you so perfect that you have the right to belittle someone else? And in that case doesn’t that make you not so perfect?

We could go around and around about these kinds of things all day long. But the truth is that GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES! So let’s stop all this silly hatred. Let’s start from now and let the past go. We can’t change the past, but we can start from now to make a beautiful future. You know Oprah Winfery is a very good example of a person that, in her youth, was raised to be some sort of maid, because that is what her grandmother was. But she knew in her heart that she could be do or have anything she wanted. And look at her now. She is one of the most awesome people on this planet. At least that is my opinion. There are so many people of all colors that have risen to great heights from very meager beginnings. So you see, God is always fair and consistent. It’s up to you to take advantage of this world and be whatever it is you want to be. Nobody is stopping you but you. This is an attraction based Universe and you CAN be do or have WHATEVER YOU DESIRE! Ask and it is given. You just have to open your heart and your mind and let yourself have it. Project love into the world and it will come back in droves. Practice this and see how wonderful your life can be and leave everyone else out of the equation. You have enough to take care of in your own world.

So what is the gist of this story? I say live and let live, love for the sake of loving, especially love yourself. And God does not make mistakes, so we are all perfectly imperfect. And remember there is always tremendous love here for all of you!


Deb Mertan


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