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Connect The Dots

Well lately I have been describing life in this way. I’ll give you an example of a friend of mine. She is working as a server in a restaurant and she has a side job on Sundays that she makes good money at. So she told the manager at the restaurant that she was available 6 days a week but Sundays were taken. At first they agreed but after a few months they decided to put her on Sundays because it wasn’t fair to the other servers that she got special treatment. The manager also said that she was a stickler for the rules and she never broke them. So my friend was in a pickle. She made more money on Sundays than she did all week at the restaurant but she needed that money too. She thought about it for a few days and decided she would have to separate herself from the restaurant and not give up her Sunday job.

So just hours before her shift started she called the manager and told her that she couldn’t give up Sundays and why, and that she would bring in her uniform later that evening. The manager understood her dilemma but said she wasn’t sure she could do anything about it. But she convinced her to come to work that night and they could try talking to the other managers to see what they could do. My friend was ready to quit but she kept a cool head. She went in that night and it was her turn to be the drink girl, which means she got the sodas ready for the other servers to take to their guests. She noticed that the dishwasher was having trouble keeping up with the dishes because two other dishwashers called in sick. So my friend asked if it would be okay if she helped the dishwasher out. The manager was a little surprised that a server would want to help out in the kitchen but told her that it would be great if she did that.

At the end of my friends shift another manager told her that the main manager was very impressed by her helping the dishwasher and decided to let her have Sundays off. She was very excited about it and told another server what had happened and that girl told her that she was the one who picked up the shift and that she was very happy about it because she really needed the money. This made my friend very happy too.

So you see just by keeping calm and focusing on what she wanted and following the prompts that the Universe always reveals and let it do it’s thing until all the dots are connected, she got everything she wanted.

I know you can probably go back in your life and see how something worked out for you in a similar way. It happens all the time. You just have to pay attention and see how all the dots fit together. Don’t get worried or frustrated, just go with the flow. And even if it feels like you are headed in the wrong direction you will loop back around and the big picture will be exposed to you. My friend could have gotten discouraged after the manager told her no way, these are the rules! But instead she decided to do her best work and leave the rest to the Universe. If it worked out that would be great, and if not there are plenty of other restaurants in the world.

So you see how it works now? Nothing is going wrong and there is nothing serious going on here. Life is supposed to be fun. You can’t get it wrong because you never get it done. Life is a continuous loop and we can choose to enjoy it or be miserable in it. It really is all up to you.

So my suggestion is to choose joy and find any way you can to find it every day. Remember there is tremendous love here for you.

Your friend,

Deb Mertan


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