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You’re Trying too Hard

trying too hard

As many of you might know I have been making it a habit of staying calm, and letting life unfold for me. What I mean by that is that I am enjoying my journey. I try to make sure every day is as fun and frisky as possible. I love interacting with other people, especially strangers. It seems like everywhere I go I meet fun people to play with. You never know what kind of fun can come your way. I have come to the point that I expect that the day will turn out to be fun. It’s all perspective. Fun can be anything. Even doing dishes can be joyful if you let it be. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher can be like putting a puzzle together. I like to see how much I can get in there as neatly as possible. Fun doesn’t have to be bouncing off the walls enthusiasm. It just needs to be pleasing to you.

Let’s talk about a situation where someone is trying too hard to make something happen. Like a woman trying to get pregnant. She keeps an eye on her menstrual cycle and tries to have sex on the right day at the right time. But month after month no baby. So she and her husband go through all sorts of tests and procedures, but still no baby. The desperation sets in and what happens after that, they give up. Yes they stop trying and sometimes they go so far as to adopt a baby. Then what happens is they get pregnant, because they are not focused on getting pregnant.

That’s just one example but it doesn’t only happen with babies. It happens all day every day. People want something so badly that it almost hurts. But once they stop trying to make it happen it comes, like magic. But it’s not magic, it’s the way it is supposed to be. You have to let it come, expect it to come and enjoy the path to it.

I know there have been things in your life that you briefly thought about and then all of a sudden it pops into your life. That’s because you had no resistance to it. You weren’t trying to make it come to. You just casually let it float through your mind and didn’t doubt it, and it came.

Listen, Life is supposed to be good for all of us. Whether we want to be rich or just satisfied with our lives, it’s all good. We don’t all want the same things out of life and that’s perfectly perfect. But the one thing I know for sure is that we all want to be happy. And happiness comes from within. You have to be happy first to bring more happy things and situations to you. Once you get in the groove and you fill yourself with joy you will see all sorts of things change in your life.

Here are some of the things I noticed in my life that have changed for the better. First thing is I am never rushed anymore. Even when I’m driving I don’t feel I have to hurry. And when other cars speed by me it doesn’t get me nervous or scared. I know they have control of their vehicle and I have control of mine. And another thing is how animals like me a lot now. I have never been an animal person per say. I don’t hate them I just never wanted any of my own. But since I have been keeping myself happy animals have been gravitating to me. People tell me how their dog or cat never likes anybody, but they like me. That’s because animals can sense pure joy and that’s what they are all about. And the next thing is how people treat me now. I’m sure that when I am out and about people can sense my vibrational premise as we meet, and it shows from the smiles and hellos I get. The biggest smiles come from the little ones. I love to interact with babies. And I never worry about money either. I know that when I need it, it will come. I trust that the Universe always has my back. I know now that I am on my right path because I feel good most of the time. And on those rare occasions that I don’t feel good I just ride it out. I do things like pet the cat or dog. Or I take a nap. And when I go to bed at night I tell myself that all resistance will subside while I sleep and in the morning I can start with a clean slate. I can feel any way I want to, so I choose to feel happy.

This is something that takes practice. It won’t happen overnight. It will come in increments. But the more you practice the better you’ll get at it. It is a life style change. And once you see for yourself how you can change your life to be as happy as mine, you’ll want to keep doing it. Happy has nothing to do with people places or things, it has to do with you loving you. And you are more than you see in the mirror. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are pure love. And when you realize that you can share it with the world. And life will be whatever you want it to be. I promise!

Remember there is always great love here for you.


Deb Mertan


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