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You Are a Powerful Magnet


Since I have been paying attention to how I feel, it’s as if I am glowing. Like sun beams are shooting out of the top of my head. I feel wonderful as I keep myself happy. Now this may seem a little conceded or narcissistic or self-centered or selfish and it is in a way. But if you really think about it you are only in control of one thing and that is how you feel. And once you start keeping yourself happy you will see how everything you desire will flow into your world. There really is a law of attraction and you are the powerful magnet that draws everything into your existence. But beware because it works both ways, good stuff and bad stuff. That’s why it is important to keep yourself as happy as you can as often as you can. Like attracts like. It even says so in the bible. So whatever you give your attention to is what you will get. When I say you are a powerful magnet, I really mean it.

Haven’t you ever thought of someone and then the phone rang and it was them? You tell them “I was just thinking about you.” But they never believe you. You probably chalk it up to coincidence, but what is actually going on is an energy connection. Maybe they were thinking about you first and just as they started dialing the phone you picked up on their vibe. But either way you made a connection, almost like magic.

Have you ever studied or at least heard of astronomy? It’s all about the magnetic pull between the sun and the moon and the planets in our solar system. Without this pull there would be no gravity and we would all just float away into the universe. But there is no need to worry about that because the system has been around for millions of years and it works perfectly. Even the supernova, which is a star exploding in space, is not the end of something, but the beginning of new worlds and solar systems. It’s like a seed that you plant in the ground, it opens up and becomes a beautiful flower, which will eventually die and go back into the earth and become a fertilizer to the new flowers, and so it goes, life expands. Just like the great minds of men and women from the past left their ideas and inventions to the next generations to expand upon. And the next and the next until we have people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs emerge to create all sorts of amazing things. Of course there are many more people I could name but you get the idea. Life just keeps attracting more and more good stuff and we all benefit from it.

People, I don’t think you get what a powerful magnet you are. All it takes are new beliefs and lots of practice once you find the beliefs that are right for you. This is not a one day thing, it is a lifestyle change. But like anything else it is an evolving process and practice is an everyday exercise. But once you get how this universe really works you will see that you actually can do, be or have anything your heart desires. I mean it! I know there have been times when you have casually talked about something you wanted and all of a sudden there it was, like magic. That is because you had no resistance about that thing. You actually let it come by not doubting it. You may not have known that is what happened, but whether it was a good thing or a bad thing you brought it. I remember when I was in my early twenties, I was out and about in my little sports car, and several times that day I had near misses with other cars. After about the third time I yelled out, “I’m destine to get into an accident today.” I said it with great authority too. About a half hour later I totaled my car. I knew that it was because of what was said. But at that period in time I had never heard the phrase, (Law of Attraction), and no one else had either. But I had heard the phrase, (Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.) From that day on I chose my words and thoughts much more carefully. And these days I do know about the law so I am choosing words and thoughts that bring me joy and make me happy. When you start molding your life on purpose it will be slow at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to go as fast as you want to. And if you get a little overwhelmed you can slow down a bit, but you’ll get your bearings back and get up to speed with yourself easier and easier. Once you get this you can never go back. You’ll know too much. Life is supposed to be good, fun, joyful and happy.

So, how do I change my beliefs, you ask? Well it’s easier than you think. You need to pay attention to your feelings. When you think about something stop and ask yourself, how does this make me feel? If it feels good then give it more thought. If it doesn’t feel good then stop and ask yourself what would be something more pleasant to think about?

How will I know I’m doing it right, you ask? You will know that you are deliberating bringing what you think about into your life by the things that are manifesting around you, whether it’s good or bad. Think about what you have been concentrating on and see what has been appearing in your life. Practice is always the key to any door. You have to give yourself time to get used to your new ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Yes you may dip back into old habits or beliefs, but you will catch yourself much faster and realize what is happening so that you can get back on track more easily.

As humans we have forgotten that life is supposed to be good, because we have people that have come before us who have had beliefs that they just keep passing on to us as early as our first day on earth. Right away they start telling us about all the troubles and woes of the past, warning us not to do this or that because something bad might happen. So we start developing these beliefs and we pass them along to our children. It has been the way of the world for centuries. But these days’ people are starting to realize that they can change those old habits and beliefs that don’t serve them anymore, and find new ones that do. It really is that easy. But you have to be brave and not be concerned about how others will perceive you. You have to not give a darn about how anyone else feels because they are not you. They have not lived your life. They can’t think for you, and you can’t do any of those things for them. You also have to be willing to not worry about how anyone else lives their life. Seriously if we all just paid attention to our own feelings and lived our happiest life we would all mesh together into a delicious soup of love and joy. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to live and let live? That would be a great relief to a lot of people that have been trying to live up to someone else’s standards, with no success by the way, you cannot live to please others and live your truest life. You must please yourself first and then you will be of much more value and service to others. If you are not happy you can’t please others anyway.

People young and old have the right to be joyful. If you were to sit on a park bench and watch the little ones play together you would get a sense of what I am saying. It doesn’t matter what color or religion or race any of the other little kids are, they are just there to have a good time. It isn’t until some big person starts filling their heads with what they think is right or appropriate that they start hating and worrying about what other people think. The children know that there is nothing serious going on here. They just want to have fun.

If you could just think like a child for a little while you would feel the relief from stress, worry, angst, anger and all the feelings that restrict you from your natural God given right to be happy. You would feel liberated from the have to’s and shoulds, and you would find more time for the want to’s. I know you’re probably thinking that it’s too hard to change a life time of old habits and beliefs, but it’s not. It only takes desire and I know you can do that. We all have desires and if you pay attention to what they are you will see them manifest in your life. You are a powerful magnet and you do deserve to have whatever you want. Be playful and loving and see what comes back to you. You will be amazed at how wonderful life will be when you open yourself up to your true happiness. Life is supposed to be good so stop fretting and figure out what you want and then let yourself have it.

Remember there is always great love for you here.

Best Wishes,

Deb Mertan


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