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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

No, I’m not talking about shampoo. I’m talking about life. Have you ever known someone who just keeps doing the same thing over and over again and they keep getting the same results. You know this is what’s considered to be a crazy person. They just keep doing the same thing expecting different results. Yes the results may vary slightly but in essence it’s the same thing.

Let’s break this down so you can really get the picture. So I know this guy that has been married 4 times. The first time was when he was about 19 years old. He had two kids with her but she was very jealous and had a habit of hitting him. He never hit her back because men are taught to not hit girls at a very young age. But some do, I suppose. But he didn’t and one day he just ended the marriage. Then he met a woman with a couple of kids and he moved in with her. Then she decided not to work anymore and he ended up supporting her and her kids. So he ended that relationship. He then married a cute thin woman who really liked sex. He thought he struck gold until she decided she didn’t need to take care of herself anymore and gained about 50 pounds and stopped liking sex. So again he ended that relationship. Then he met another woman who seemed to really like sex and she made her own money and for quite a while it seemed that he had finally got it right. But eventually she became hooked on prescription drugs after several back surgeries. He really tried to stick it out for as long as he could but when she started to threaten to kill him in his sleep he decided it was time to go. At this point he swore he would never get married again and then just a few short months after his divorce was final he did it again. This time to a woman that controls him through self-pity and threats of suicide if he leaves her. Do you see a pattern here? He has a momentum going that just keeps repeating over and over again.

Now let’s break down the title of this blog. WASH- this is the fun part. Like when you put the shampoo in your hair and you swish it all around until the bubbles are flying everywhere. But then you have enough of this because the bubbles die down and it isn’t fun anymore. RINSE- this is the break-up. You rinse the shampoo out until you are squeaky clean once again, like a clean slate. But you really haven’t cleaned up your vibration so that you can find the new feelings that will help you get out of the rut you are in. So what happens is, you REPEAT- the process. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want or if you are liking what is going on. But I don’t think that he was enjoying all that. The point I’m making with this story is that this man did not give himself any time at all between women to figure out what he really wanted. He was still caught up in the same beliefs and habits that kept bringing the same types of women to him. It’s true that you get what you think about. So if he were to start thinking about what he wanted in a relationship and really given it some real airtime by imagining and day dreaming and desiring, he would have started a new momentum through new beliefs that would have served him much better. He just didn’t stay single long enough to know who he really is and what he truly wants.

This sort of behavior is very common amongst the human race. But I truly believe that people are waking up and figuring out that they have more control over their lives than ever before. We are no longer under the influence of our parents or our government or even the church people. We are becoming more aware of our emotions and using them as a guide to know what feels right and what feels wrong for our individual desires. Not any two of us want exactly the same things, and that is a wonderful thing. And just because we want something different doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for someone else to do what makes them happy. Even if it’s your spouse or any other person you deal with on a regular basis. The universe or God or whomever you believe in will make it so that everyone gets what they want and blends us together so that we can all be happy. The key word here is happy. To keep yourself happy means you don’t give a rip about what anyone else is doing, and don’t worry that someone else doesn’t like what you’re doing. No one else can feel for you. Only you know what’s right for you. And once you get comfortable with your new feelings and new beliefs and new habits it will get easier and easier to be your authentic self.

I know I say this a lot, but here it goes again, LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD. It’s okay to be selfish in the respect of doing what feels good to you. Nothing is off limits. Oh you may think that there are people out there doing things like killing or stealing, but they are not happy people. They do those things out of being disconnected from their authentic self. But if you are truly happy it is okay to be do or have anything your little heart desires. And just because some stuffy old person says that it is bad to have sex or to drink or to smoke or whatever society says is wrong or inappropriate does not mean they are right. They are the ones that make all the dumb rules and laws to try and keep the masses under control. But only you know if you are inappropriate. And if you ask me I would say, be who you are and never mind the rest. Be gay if you’re gay, be sexual if it suits your fancy be funny and silly if it makes you happy. Like I said nothing is off limits.

So what’s the gist of this blog? It’s to wash, rinse and not repeat if it feels off to you. But if it feels good do it again. Only you will know. So go out there and be you. The world is going to love you just the way you are once you love you. So until next time remember there is tremendous love here for you.

Forever and Always,

Deb Mertan


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