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Tell a New Story

I feel that most people believe that they have to live the life they have been dealt. Maybe they grew up poor and always heard things like, “Life is hard”, or “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. So they go through life not expecting it to be any different. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to take back your power and tell a new story. Start by deciding that you can be do or have anything you desire for your life. Did you get that? You can only decide for yourself, not anyone else. That’s important to remember. And yes, it is that easy to turn in the direction you want to be heading. But it takes practice, and as you know anything worth doing does take practice. You know, like driving a car or using a computer or flying a plane. Whatever you fancy takes practice.

As soon as you decide to believe that you can be do or have anything you desire you can start talking about how you want your life to be. The best way to start is by being general in your statements about your new life. Example: Let’s say you are wanting more money to flow into your reality. You could say something like, “There is plenty of money in this world and I know I can have as much as I want”. This is a very general statement that you could believe. And as you keep saying or even thinking about this you start to feel it in your body and it becomes a new belief, which is literally just a thought you keep thinking over and over again, until it feels real to you. Once you feel it you can start saying things like, “I know my money is on its way and things are always working out for me”. Then you can start thinking about how you will spend your money and how much fun it will bring.

Here’s a good example from an actual friend of mine telling a new story. She lived in Ohio her whole life. One day she decided that she wanted to live in California. So for about 3 months she kept telling anyone that would listen that she was moving to California. No one believed her but she knew that it would happen. She didn’t know when where or who would help it happen, she just knew it was going to happen. Then one day she got a phone call from a friend she knew as a child that lived in California. Her friend told her there was a room available in the house she was living in and it was hers if she wanted it. You see, she never doubted it for a minute, and voila, here she is.

Now let me explain how this happened so fast for her. It was because she never got too specific at first about the details of how, when or who was going to bring it about. As she kept saying and thinking about this move she started to get rid of things she would not be taking with her and packing things that she would be taking. This was a little more specific as she let herself imagine and feel what it would be like to be in California. And that was all that was required for her to see how the Universe will bring what you want in life as long as you don’t doubt yourself or the Universe.

So after getting the phone call to go to California she invited a friend to drive out with her and they essentially made a very nice vacation out of it. They even went to Disneyland before she actually moved in. They had a very good time all along the way.

Wayne Dyer wrote a book called, “You’ll see it when you believe it”. That is one of the truest statements I ever heard. It is how children see things all the time. The little ones haven’t been trained out of their ability to dream, imagine and believe that they can be, do or have anything they desire.

Have you ever met a chronic liar? You know they’re lying but you can tell that they are really believing their own lie. That is because they are telling the story so often that it feels like the truth to them. Sort of the way our politicians act these days. You could argue with that person until you are blue in the face and they won’t budge.

So what does this tell you? It’s saying that if you want to change something in your life at first it might seem like a lie or a fantasy. But if you keep talking in general terms, like my friend did about California, and you keep saying it until it feels real to you then the specifics will fill in for you and you will see for yourself how the Universe is always fair and consistent. You get what you think about, period! It really does feel like magic at first but once you really get the hang of it you will see that this is normal. Life is supposed to be good for everyone. We all make our own choices. We all have our own dreams. And if we don’t let anyone talk us out of those dreams they will manifest. It’s all up to you and how well you tell the story. (Maybe just keep it to yourself until you feel pretty good about it.) And once you feel good about it you will start to believe it, until you come to the point that you know it, because you will be living it.

You know, the Universe or God or whomever you believe in is always with you. Just because you can’t see it with your eyes does not mean it does not exist. Most people grew up in some sort of religious background where there was a God figure. Did you see that God? NO! You just trusted that God was hovering around watching and judging you as you went through your life, trying to live up to some impossible standards that some church or government or teacher told you would help you get into heaven. If you think about it, the Universe is the same thing. It’s an invisible source of energy that is always ready and willing to bring to you anything your heart desires. But in this scenario there is no judgment. We are meant to be, do or have anything and everything we want. And once you get what you think you want and it doesn’t feel right anymore you have the right to change your mind. This is called re-inventing yourself. It just takes trust that you, the human you, is in concert with the spiritual you, and together anything is possible. Like Wayne Dyer says, impossible is just saying I’m possible, after you break it down.

So this is my suggestion to all who are not living the life they want and to those who are but just want to boost it up a notch. Dream, imagine, smile more often, look for reasons to be happy, ignore the nay Sayers, Look for ways to have fun, be funny, love yourself more and more, and believe me you will see it come back to you. Just like the infinity sign, what goes around comes around. Your life can be whatever you want it to be no matter where you are now. That’s just the starting line. So on your mark, get set, GO! You’re ready to be your authentic self. Don’t worry that the others in your life aren’t ready for you. Either they will catch up or go away, it’s all good.

Remember there is tremendous love here for you.


Deb Mertan


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