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Remember to Remember Again

Even if you never heard the words, remember to remember, your soul or inner being, so to speak, knows exactly what it means. It means that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. It means to remember that you are the master of your own domain. You are the boss of you, and you can be, do, or have anything you desire. You have to remember that being happy is the key to everything. Remember to be grateful for what you have now so that the universe is always bringing you more of it. Remember that every action has a reaction and what goes around comes around, and that love equals love. And that what you think about is what comes to you. And that staying calm in any situation will bring solutions faster.

Your spiritual being has been around a lot longer than your human being, so if you trust that everything is always working out for you, it will. Your inner being will not let you down. It always has your back. And when you remember that, you don’t worry or doubt. You just know that what you desire is on it’s way to physical form, and all you have to do is be happy and have fun while it works it’s way to you.

Whether you want a lover, a house, a new car, or just for someone to show up at your door with a big bag of candy, it will happen as long as you believe and then you’ll know that the universe can do anything.

Now it’s also important to remember that life is supposed to be good for everyone. It’s all up to each of us to deeply feel that we are loved especially by ourselves, and that we are worthy, we are deserving and we are kind and loving and caring. And the biggest thing to remember is to live in the NOW, because now is literally all there is. Every moment is a new now, so make them all the best moment possible.

I hope this short little blog has woken up something in each and every one of you who are reading this now. It is my wish that people everywhere are waking up to the fact that self-love is the beginning of a whole new life. One that will surprise and delight you for all the days of your life and beyond. And as Spock says, “Go forth and prosper.” And also remember there is great love here for you.


                                                                    Deb Mertan


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