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One of a Kind Painting

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There is a new painting every day. Each morning as I drive to work and the sun is rising in the sky, I get the awesome pleasure of viewing the most miraculous scenes. The sky looks like a gigantic painting that changes continually, every second growing more and more vivid. Each time I look away and then look back at it I see a new painting. You know of course that we can’t own these paintings, but that they are there for all to see and enjoy. They just keep moving and rearranging themselves to mesh with the beauty of the earth, showing us every crease in the mountains as the sun rises and the shadows fall where they may. And the colors blossom as the pinks and the greys and the blues blend with the greens and browns with specks of colorful wild flowers scattered randomly like sprinkles on a cupcake. The world begins to shine as the sun so intelligently rays down upon us to bring to our attention how abundant we really are. Abundance comes to us in many ways not just monetary gain. It’s in everything around us. When you really think about it you could say, and really mean it, that we are abundant in oceans, and mountains, and sky, and birds, and trees, and friends, and family and so much more. I’m sure you as an individual can think of a lot more abundance in your life. When you start viewing life in this way, and realize that there is no ownership of any of it, it’s on loan so to speak, and it is always here for all to appreciate. And by seeing everything with a cup half full attitude you will actually, greatly, positively relish your life. Now doesn’t that sound delicious?

You know, when you stop clinging on to possessions and start sharing your things and talents, the monetary abundance will naturally come. I know this sounds weird, but it is true. The more you don’t cling to things and people the more things you want and people you love will flow into your life. Tricky eh? But once you try to own it or force it, that’s when things start to go south and you end up losing out. What I mean is, hold on loosely but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly you’re going to lose control. That’s a verse in a song and it always made a lot of sense to me. Have you ever had a mate that you loved so much that it hurt? And then it ended and your world turned upside down. It’s like the earth opened up and swallowed you whole. That is because you were so dependent on that person to be your source of joy and happiness, and when you put that kind of pressure on another person it is bound to fail. But now think about a friend that you care about. You love this person but there is no pressure on the relationship because you understand that they are their own person and you accept them for who they are. You don’t need them to do or act any certain way for you to love and appreciate them. And if for some reason you part ways it would be a little sad, or not, but it would not destroy your whole world. It’s because you had no deep emotional attachment. When you treat everything with this attitude life will flow with ease.

If you really think about it life is always changing, second by second, just like the sky. We can’t really hold onto anything. The most we can do is be appreciative while it is here and when it’s gone think of it with fondness and be thankful for the part it played in this life that you created. Nothing is ever a waste of time because we always learn something new with each experience we have. Maybe if you start examining your life and see all the paintings that you have created you will find that it all fits together like a giant jig-saw puzzle. This painting connects to this painting then this one and so on. You’ll see how all of it fits together to bring you to where you are now. Now is all we have so why not make it the best now you can? The more I live in my now the happier I get. My main goal is to be happy so when I look around at all the abundant beauty there is for me and all to see I feel very joyful.

I actually like to think of myself as a one of a kind painting. I am a constant changing canvas, and as the years go by I see myself improving with age. Every wrinkle and every line on my face reminds me of the wonderful life I have led. I’m not saying that I never had troubles or woes but I now see all of it as the journey that brought me to this place right now. It truly is the journey, not the destination that brings the joy we are all seeking. By the time I leave this world my whole body will tell the story of who I really am. The person I choose to be is a happy joyous loving caring being. And no matter how old I get I will be a great example of what an on purpose person is all about. I will paint the last and final painting of my life as a person that lived life to the fullest. And I won’t be taking anything from this life with me. I will leave it all behind for someone else to use and enjoy. And once I pass through the veil that separates my human form from my infinitely intelligent spiritual form, I will never look back, but I will check-in every once in a while to see what’s new. And I will smile down on my loved ones and send them all my love.

I really don’t see why more people don’t think like this. They save their money all their lives and hope that one day, maybe after they retire, they will be able to travel. But now is someday. Think about all the people that wait, and when the time comes to do all those things they were planning to do, they’re too old or too sick to do any of it. Or the people that retire and don’t have anything to do so they just die, never really have lived. Or what about the people that are born with some kind of medical problem and instead of trying to find a way to enjoy their lives they sit in a chair with a remote in their hand, watching life go by on television. They are so afraid of dying that they never really live. Life is supposed to be fun and adventurist and it can only happen for you if you let it. It’s time to be brave and find your bliss and paint a new picture every day. It doesn’t have to be some grandiose painting but it does have to be your own. The more you play with this idea the more fun you will have and the better life will be for you.

I guess I rambled on long enough for this one blog. There will be plenty more to come though. I hope you find what you are looking for and that this blog gave you a little boost to do just that. My only wish for all who are seeking their bliss is that they find it and milk it for all its worth. So that when you do leave this world you will have led the most awesome life you could ever think of. And what could be better than that?

Remember there is great love here for you.

With much love,

Deb Mertan


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