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New Perspective


New Perspective

People these days are too preoccupied with the negative stuff happening all over the world right now. The news repeats everything over and over again until I want to slit my own throat, figuratively of course. I know that we need to know when bad things are happening, but I don’t understand why we have to hear about it relentlessly, until people start feeling scared to walk out of their own homes. And we can’t blame the media for putting it out there because by us watching it on CNN or whatever news channel you prefer, we are saying, “So give us more bad news, that’s what we want to hear about.”

Now, if you believe in the law of attraction, and I do, you have to see that by focusing on this bad stuff we are just getting more bad stuff. I know many of you may be thinking, “What can I do, I am only one person.” But if every “one person” stopped watching the news and reading newspapers it would send a big fat message to the media to change things up. There are plenty of good things happening in our world too. We need to give a majority of our attention to the good stuff and only glimpse at the bad stuff for comparison or reference. There should be only two times per day that you get updated on the bad news. Once in the morning and once in the early evening. That way you have time to shake it off before you go to sleep at night. Whatever we hear last is probably what our subconscious mind will dwell on while we sleep. And having the bad news only twice a day can give the media a chance to research what they are talking about and give true facts. Have you ever really listened to some of these reporters when they say things like, “I think he may have meant this”, and then they give their false opinion on the subject. That sticks in people’s minds and then the rumors start to get around and everything goes haywire. We need real facts so that we can all make educated decisions on what we want to believe.

Another thing that the media could do is have a love moment every hour or so. What I mean by this is, they have so much power and access to the world that if they started a love moment and had everyone watching; close their eyes and send loving energy to the whole world, especially to our enemies, the vibe of the whole universe would change and we would see people getting along and truly loving one another.

The law of attraction says that what we focus on the most is what will come to us. Whether it’s good or bad we will bring it to ourselves, so why not make it good. Love attracts love, while hate and fear only attracts more hate and fear. How simple is that?

Science and religion are now starting to come together. God would not have let us know science if it wasn’t going to be useful. This is bringing a sense of new found spirituality to the world. People are seeing that by changing the way they think and speak it is causing a change in consciousness. Science has proven through quantum physics that our minds are very powerful and if we learn to use them more efficiently we will all live much happier and more fulfilling lives. Our part of this is to research everything ourselves and not just automatically believe everything we hear. People lie and distort the truth, but these days we have more information than ever right at our fingertips, through internet, books, You Tube videos, and numerous other places. There is no reason these days for rumors to get out of hand. Start watching videos on quantum physics and metaphysical quantum physics and you will be amazed at what you find. We are all energy and we are all connected. We can change the spirituality of the world if we all focus on the good. You have to say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest and forthright. Send fear packing and send love to everyone and everything every day. Get to know who you really are, and if you are not who you want to be then become the person you want to be. Individually we all need to do our part so that we can come together as one world. I have been becoming myself for quite some time now and I just love myself more and more as I learn about what I really want. My life has changed so drastically for the better that I just have to share it with all who are reading this blog. I would love nothing more than to see the world come together as one and end hunger and suffering and all wars once and for all. I hope that this message spreads like wild fire and we all start focusing on the good. Have a new perspective.

Love, Deb


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