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Make a Decision Already!


Clarity is so liberating. Life is like a smorgasbord of things to choose from and when we feel unsure or out of sorts in some way it can feel very uncomfortable. As you may have noticed I have used the word “feel” a couple of times already and will be using it a lot more throughout this blog.When we are in between decisions we should give ourselves a little time to focus on each direction, even if there are several choices. We will know by the way we feel what is right for us at that moment. In reality there is no wrong direction. No matter which way we go it will all lead to the place we really want to be. One way just may take a little longer than another way. We must also realize that there is never just one way to do anything. And you may get to see and experience things you wouldn’t have if you took the other direction. But getting back to feeling, once you make a solid decision you feel better and ideas can flow more easily and you will be undergoing a very good journey. In actuality you are always on your right path but at times you may be going slower and other times you may be moving with the speed of light. Then again when we find ourselves dwelling on our miseries we may feel like we are swimming or paddling our boat upstream. It will seem very hard and not very enjoyable.

I want to tell you a little story about something that at that moment seemed like a disaster but turned out to be a pretty good day. One day I was driving down the freeway with my 7 year old daughter and my 3 year old son. As I was coming to the end of the off ramp there was a loud explosion. I had no idea what it could be. Suddenly black smoke was bellowing out from underneath my van so naturally I thought it was on fire. I jumped out and yelled at the kids to get out but they kept arguing about who should go first. I just reached in and pulled them out myself. Before I knew it there were about 4 firemen there with extinguishers that came from the fire station from across the street. It turned out that my transmission just blew a hole out the top and all the fluid came out causing the black smoke. I actually got back in the van and drove it to a gas station down the street where my brother-in-law was waiting for us. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot the van died completely. Of course we had to call a tow truck to come and take all of us to my favorite mechanic shop. From there we called a taxi cab to come and take us home. While in my mind I was thinking that this was a terrible day my little 3 year old son looked up at me and said, “We’re on an adventure, huh mom”. Suddenly things didn’t seem so bad and I said, “Yes we are son”. Because he showed me a whole new perspective and made me laugh, things instantly got better.

Our mindset needs to be adjusted just like the knob on the radio dial. We need to tune to the station that feels good to us. And sometimes we may feel that we are out of sync or even starting from scratch, but that is just the Universe saying, “Wake up you’re swimming upstream”. Once we switch back to the station that feels good then life will once again start to unfold in ways we never even imagined it could. Sometimes you will hear the most profound statements in movies too, like “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen. I love the scene where he is at the North Pole talking to Judy the elf, saying, “I see it but I don’t believe it”. She says that most adults forget because they grow out of the belief, but that kids just know, because seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. Or the movie “Halloween Town” with Debbie Reynolds. She is flying on her broom stick with her grand-daughter on the back and the grand-daughter asks her how magic works. She says something to the effect of, I just think of what I want and then I let myself have it. Whatever we focus on the most is what is going to manifest in our lives whether it is good or bad. So don’t you think it is better to focus on what you do want rather than the lack of it? There are always signs and most of it comes through our feelings. I know that it can seem a little weird or uncomfortable to change the way you have been feeling. But if you really think about it everything that is new to you was uncomfortable at first. When you first learned to ride a bike or drive a car or especially use a computer, it was weird and uncomfortable, right? But now it is so easy you don’t even have to think about it. That is exactly what happens when we start being more deliberate and more decisive. At first we have to consciously recognized that we are in that wobbly undecided mode,  then we can deliberately make a decision and try it out for a couple of days and see how it feels. The beauty in this is that if it doesn’t feel good we can always change the station and go in another direction. See, it’s a fail safe design.

Another thing that doesn’t feel good is when we are being judged, especially by ourselves, or judging others. That kind of thinking only holds us back or causes us to be going upstream again, which only delays the good stuff. When I find myself thinking in this manner I have to ask the question, “What would unconditional love do?” There is no judgment in unconditional, so if we just love we will see that that is the only way to truly bring joy into our own hearts. That joy will radiate out into the Universe and cause an avalanche of happiness to all that come in contact with you. Then you will be flowing down stream again until the next time something feels off.

Even though words can’t really teach, they can evoke feelings that help bring all your desires to fruition. And once you get a taste of the happiness and joy that comes with being true to yourself and making the decisions that turn you on and excite you to go forward, you can never go back. Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like you thought it would, sometimes it turns out better. So enjoy the roller coaster ride and go with the flow, whatever that may be for you.

With all my Love,

Deb Mertan


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