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Inspiration vs. Motivation

Have you ever had a task to do but you really didn’t want to do it, at least not at the moment? Well I have, and I used to try to make myself do it no matter what. I was trying to motivate myself by feeling guilty or feeling I had to do it by a certain time, whatever it was. And then I would do it and I wouldn’t do a very good job because I didn’t line up with the energy that comes when I am inspired to do something. You see when you have to force yourself to do something it feels bad and not fun. But if you give yourself a break and let the idea or inspiration flow over you, you will do whatever it is willingly and joyfully. Does this make sense so far?

I used to feel that everything always had to be perfect. Like there couldn’t be any dirty dishes in the sink or my bed should be made every morning. And yes these are things I still like to have done, but I don’t beat up on myself if they wait for a while or even all day. My new motto is, (It will still be there when I’m ready to do it), whatever it is.

I’ll tell you what happens to me when I wait until I’m ready to do something, whether it’s making my bed or writing a blog. When the inspiration washes over me I get into a flow of energy that leads me from one thing to another, and I feel joyful doing all of it. I may start out by putting a load of laundry in the washer. Then I’ll think, “Oh, I’ll finish up the dishes.” Then I’ll sit down with a cup of coffee and think, “Oh, I have an idea for a blog”, so I’ll write a title at the top of the page in my notebook. Before you know it I will have written 2 or 3 pages. Sometimes I’ll read them back to myself and think, “Wow that is good.” When you let inspiration guide you things can really surprise and delight you.

Now on the other hand sometimes I just feel like kicking back and watching T.V. Or I like to crochet while watching T.V. Maybe I won’t do anything the whole day, but that’s okay too. During these times I feel that my body and mind are re-charging. By doing things that don’t take a lot of concentration I let ideas and inspiration have a chance to gather energy so that when the next wave of action takes place it will be very fun and meaningful.

Another thing you might notice when you let inspiration vs. motivation be your guide is that you will be more organized. And you will find more time to do the things you love to do. When you do things out of inspiration you do a much better and more efficient job, and everything seems easier. So what I’m trying to say is take more time for yourself. Let ideas come to you instead of chasing them. And when they do come you will have so much more fun in the doing.

Here are some things to do to get inspired. Stop worrying, it’s a waste of time. Stop rushing to get anything done or to be anywhere on time. You will get there. Stop feeling guilty for doing the things you want to do even if it’s to stay in bed all day. And stop beating up on yourself for not being in the exact place you want to be in life. You’ll get there. Start being nicer to yourself even if it’s just getting a massage once in a while. Start treating everyone the way you want to be treated and see what a great response you’ll get. Start loving yourself more because life is supposed to be good and a happy person is a successful person. Look for ways to keep yourself happy and you will always have fun no matter what you are doing or whom you are doing it with.

So now you know what to do, or not do. It’s all up to you. And remember there is great love for you here forever and always.


Deb Mertan


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