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Give Up the Struggle

Have you ever had a decision to make and it was a real struggle to figure out what to do? And then you finally made a choice and you felt way better, lighter and happier. That’s because during the decision making you had split energy. You kept weighing the pros and the cons, and until you finally decided one way was the best way you felt angst in your whole body. How do you stop this struggle you ask? Well first of all you stop weighing the pros and the cons. This is where the struggle starts. You need to only think about the pros. When you think about the positive options of each choice you give yourself time to see how each thing feels down deep in your soul, or your solar plexus, one thing at a time. Let each option wash over you to see how you really feel about it. You see you can’t make a wrong decision when you let your feelings be your guide. But you really have to relax and let each idea have a fair chance to let you know how you feel about it. You can’t decide anything when you’re all balled up inside.

One thing that has helped me calm down and relax into a decision is meditation. When you meditate, you clear your mind and let the answers you seek come to you. It doesn’t need to take very long, maybe 15 minutes each day. And if you feel like your mind is wandering just concentrate on your breathing. Focus on the in and out of each breath and this will keep you from getting to far into other thoughts. When you come out of meditation you will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for the day.

Another way I like to stop any struggle in my mind is to make peace with what is. It is what it is and you have the choice to feel scared, worried, nervous or any other negative feeling, or to feel that everything is always working out for you, which is true. I know you have had situations come up that you had no idea how it would turn out, then something happened that made everything okay again. I know I have. I never let myself get upset anymore because I know that the right answer will come as long as I stay calm and let it work itself out. Some times when we try too hard to fix something we just make it worse.

You could also distract yourself from the struggle by doing something that doesn’t take much thought. My favorite thing to do is crochet. I love to make couch blankets and send them to friends and family. I don’t let them know I sent it though. I like to surprise them. It makes them happy and it makes me happy to see them happy. My father is 85 years old and he has been doing needle point for many years now. He also gives them away to friends and family. It helps him stay calm and focused too. There are so many ways to stay calm, like putting puzzles together or writing stories or making quilts. There are so many ways to keep yourself calm and focused on what you want in life. So when you feel the struggle start growing inside of you, just remember to make peace with what is and find something to make yourself happy. Keeping yourself happy is the key to a good life. In fact I would go so far as to say that a happy person is a successful person. When you find ways to be happy you attract more happiness in your experience.

So what I’m trying to say to all who want to stop the struggle is find your happiness and let go of the angst! Make peace with where you are and life will miraculously change for the better. Now go out there and show the world what a happy person looks like. You won’t be sorry.

And remember that there is always great love here for you.


Deb Mertan

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