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Do Unto Others

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Have you ever thought about how other people treat you and why? Like when you are in a bad mood you seem to run into other bad mooders. (I just made that word up, but it fits, doesn’t it?) And when you’re in a really good mood you run into really fun people. Well the answer is in the question. Whatever you are projecting out you are receiving or attracting back. So when you want to be treated a certain way you should project it by treating others the way you want to be treated. That’s where that saying comes from, “Do Unto Others as You Want Others to do Unto You.” It makes sense doesn’t it? This is also known as the Law of Attraction. This is the only law that is relevant when it comes to living a life that you, and only you, choose. People are always blaming others for their bad moods or misfortunes. But the truth of the matter is we create our own reality whether we realize it or not. You see your mood is your indicator of how you are projecting and what is coming to you or what you are attracting. When this becomes clear to you, you will want to pay closer attention to your moods. It will become very apparent that when you feel bad you just can’t catch a break. And when you feel good things just seem to work out effortlessly. It’s true but only you can figure it out for yourself.

Words don’t teach, only life experiences do. I can tell you things all day long, but until you see it for yourself it won’t matter. And the way you do that is by paying attention to how you feel and what you are thinking about, and what is manifesting around you.

Other sayings that are used quite often are, “Like attracts Like” and “That which is Liken to itself is drawn.” Sometimes we don’t realize that we are attracting something until it feels like it’s too late to change it. It happens so gradually that we don’t see what has manifested until we are knee deep in the problem or situation and we feel stuck. We can always change the situation but it doesn’t come through action. We need to first do the mental work.

Let’s talk about a person who has found their self in a toxic relationship. I’m sure you know someone like this or maybe it’s you. This person has met a partner and at first the relationship is going pretty well. They date for a while and then decide to get married. The honeymoon is wonderful and their life is good. But one day the bottom drop out, so to speak. One of them becomes angry for something that seems silly. The other one brushes it off as a onetime event. But weeks later it happens again. Now the other one is getting a little worried about this behavior and starts getting nervous around them. Then other people notice that this person is not as perky as they used to be. They ask questions but the abused person always says, “Oh it’s nothing or I’m fine, just tired”, or something to that effect in order to keep the peace at home. But as time passes this person becomes more secluded and sadder. Maybe it has been years and they feel beat down and scared to move on. What should they do? Well the first thing to do is start treating their self the way they want to be treated and deserve to be treated. When they have a good day or even a good few moments, they should milk it for all it’s worth. And when it is a bad day keep reminding their self that they are a worthy joyous being and that being happy is a state of mind. And the next time something good happens milk it for all it’s worth. That means to try to stay in that feeling for as long as you can. When you start changing on the inside you will see things on the outside getting better and better. When you loveyou, things have to get better, it’s the law.

Now it won’t change overnight and you might get a little worried about that, but don’t, that will only slow you down. Just find things to be happy about even something as small as hearing a bird sing in a tree. Anything that makes your heart sing is a good thing. Pay attention to your emotions because you get what you think about and what you feel about. Eventually you will teeter to the side of the scale that is mostly happy and you can move on if you so desire. You actually have to give yourself permission to be happy. And again you have to milk it for all it’s worth for as long as you can. And each time you do this it will last a little longer until happiness is normal for you. You should never feel guilt or shame because it is our right as humans to feel good. That is what all of us want and we all deserve it. And it all starts on the inside. We need to love ourselves first and foremost no matter what else is going on around us. We need to pay attention to our feelings and not let anyone else try to control how we feel. Not a mate or a parent or a teacher or preacher of any kind can guide you as well as you can guide you. You are unique and that is a good thing.

I know that it may seem hard at first to change how you feel, but believe me if you keep practicing it will happen. It did for me. I have not always been this happy, but now that I am I don’t let anyone or anything bring me down. Oh I have my moments but they are short lived. I know how good it feels to feel good, and when I don’t it’s just not tolerable anymore. I don’t like being angry or scared or worried. I gave all that up because I know it’s just a waste of time. Solutions come to a clear mind. So I meditate and appreciate and I treat people the way I want to be treated.

Now you know what to do. I hope you do it. You are the only one who can. Be nice to yourself and others will be nice to you.

And as Abraham always says, “There is great love here for you.”


Deb Mertan


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