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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is my perfect man. I hope that this is not too much to ask for. I will describe him in detail but I don’t object to you adding your perceptions to “him” if you feel like I left anything out. So here goes… The man that is perfect in my mind is the man who loves me truly and completely just the way I am. He cares for others as well. He’s a wonderful lover and he loves sex the way I do. He makes me feel special all the time. He has the most delicious sense of humor too. He can make me weak in the knees with a wink of his eye. His voice is low, sexy and soothing. He spoons me in bed and makes me coffee in the morning. We enjoy each other’s company but we do our own things too. He is trustworthy, loving and kind. We are best friends as well as lovers. He’s perfect in an imperfect sort of way.

He enjoys letting me pamper him with foot and neck massage. I love touching him and he loves it too. He surprises me with silly little gifts like M&M’s and stuffed animals. But he also surprises me with exotic trips. We feed off each other and build each other’s confidence. Our love is so great that every fiber of both of our souls is humming in harmony. He’s beautiful inside and out. He fills my heart with joy every minute of every day. He never gives me cause for worry or sadness, nor would I give him cause. He’s honest, brave, smart and funny. He is a talented perfectionist in his own right. He also praises me for my talents but he’s not afraid to tell me when they aren’t good either. He’s confident in himself in a non-conceded sort of way. He loves himself and it shows in the way he takes care of his body and mind.

We are truly a match made in heaven. We have no need for jealously or anger. We can communicate on every level. We bring joy to other people around us even when they are complete strangers.

Money is not an issue for us because we have our own income. We share everything because there is no reason not to. We are both older and wiser, so games are not necessary. It’s so much easier to be honest. We both agree that life should be fun so we should spend it with the one we have the most fun with.

I know it seems like I’m asking for the impossible but I’m not. I know that a man like that exists because I am a woman like that. I know that each of us has a perfect match in this world; I just haven’t found him yet. That is why I am asking for your help this time. I’m sure you can find him for me because you know everyone. Thank you so much for hearing me out.


Deb Mertan


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