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Are Angels Real?


Have you ever had something happen that you can’t explain? I’ll give you an example of something that happened to me. I was pulling out of the driveway of my bank and I was aiming for the parking lot across the street, I thought the path was clear, but as I got to the center divider it felt like a giant hand reached out and pushed my car back to the center and whoosh, a big truck flew by. It barely missed smashing into the nose of my car. I didn’t even see this truck, but my inner being did. I felt that my guardian angel was there to keep me from plowing into that truck. I don’t know about you, but things like that happen all the time and not just to me.

Another example of something like this happening is what happened to one of my older friends. She is 94 years old and she is having trouble standing for very long. As she was standing at her bathroom sink, washing up for the day, she lost her balance and fell back into a wood table and cracked her ribs under her right arm. She wears an alert bracelet but she never uses it. She has fallen a couple of times before this but she won’t push the damn button. But this time the button got pushed, and not by her. The paramedics came and found her on the bathroom floor. She was a little confused because she wasn’t expecting them. But it was a good thing they did come because she couldn’t get up by herself. They helped her to the living room where they checked her out and asked if she wanted to go to the hospital. But being the stubborn person that she is, she said no. They got her to the couch and helped her get as comfortable as they could and then they left. She called me right away to come help her. When I got there she told me the story of what had transpired. She said that somehow the button accidentally got pushed. But I said maybe it wasn’t an accident. Just maybe it was her guardian angel pushing it for her. She thought about it for a minute and said yes maybe it was. You see that button is not easily pushed, you have to do it on purpose. Her arm was in the air so how could it have gotten pushed if it wasn’t her angel?

I’ll bet if you were to think about something that happened in your life that you couldn’t explain, like you tripped and were about to fall but somehow you caught yourself and you didn’t end up getting hurt, you could see that something or someone was there to catch you. Or something to that effect. As far as I’m concerned I choose to believe that angels or inner beings or infinite intelligence are real and we are never alone. We always have help when we need it or want it.

When a person starts feeling like they are always looked after it makes life more fun and easier to expect good things to occur. When you know that things are always working out for you what could go wrong? Since you are always taken care of, you can do anything you want to. Life is supposed to be fun and when you feel good about what you are doing you know you are on a very good path. The joy is in the journey, which means you can’t get it wrong because you’ll never get it done. Every time you accomplish one thing you’ll be off to the next thing. And as long as it is fun for you, you’ll be living your most authentic life ever.

So now you know that you are never alone and that you are the only one who knows what and where you want to go. Be nicer to yourself and appreciate who you are and love your inner being for always having your back. Now get out there and live your best life ever. You deserve it.

With great love,

Deb Mertan


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