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Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

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Have you ever been in “the zone?” You know, when you are working on a project or playing a sport or writing a book and you just feel like you can do no wrong. It all flows so well that it almost feels like magic. Have you? Well I have and it feels wonderful! But what causes that you ask? Well it’s a little thing called focus. You might want to remember that word because it is the very reason that anything comes to you. Where focus goes, energy flows. Sometimes it just seems like things are just coming at you, whether it’s good or bad. So that’s when you should take notice of where your focus has been. And if it is something you like you can say to the Universe or God or whomever you believe in, which to me is all the same energy, “I’d like some more of that please”. But if it is something not pleasing it would be wise to change your focus to something that is pleasing. I know it sounds simple, but test the heck out of it and see for yourself. Pay attention to how you are feeling and what you are thinking about whenever something occurs. You know that this is an attraction based Universe and we are the magnets. We literally can choose whatever we want as long as we focus without doubt.

Here’s a way I have started thinking about all of this. I like to order stuff from the Publishers Clearing House. For one thing it’s fun to play the games and there’s always a chance to win money for life. But the part I like best is that I don’t have to pay on line. I wait for the item to come and then I pay the bill by sending a check in the mail. I’m old school I guess. But the really fun part is that after I put my order in I just forget about it and trust that it will come. Then weeks later when it arrives at my door I open it and I am surprised and delighted by what’s inside. It may seem silly that I would not remember what I ordered, but that is exactly how we all are about what we have been asking for from the Universe. Whether we know it or not we are always asking the Universe for something. You might not be asking with your words, but every time something un-wanted happens you are asking for what you really want. It’s just the way it works. But if you are not purposefully focused on what you want it can feel like things just come out of the blue. But in reality we are the askers and the receivers of what we are asking for.

Let me try to make this a little clearer. Have you ever thought about a person you haven’t talked to in a long time, and then all of a sudden you get a phone call or a text from them? Well that is because you thought about them in a completely non-resistant way. You were happy to think about them and it made you feel good. So the Universe says “Oh, I’ll arrange it so you can visit with this person.”

That was an easy one, now let’s talk about something you are trying to do. Like have you ever been looking for a job and you are focused on things like, “I hope I can do this job, or maybe they won’t like me.” With that kind of focus you will probably not get the job, or if you do you won’t enjoy it. But if you focus on what a good employee you would be and how you would benefit this company and how well you would fit in, you just might get a really good position and your work experience would be fun and joyful. It’s all perspective.

This focusing process works for everything. As long as you keep doubt from interrupting you, you can be do or have anything. Everything, including you, is energy. The grass the trees the chair you’re sitting in is all energy. It is all just vibrating at different speeds. That’s why we see what we see. But the difference is that the grass and the trees don’t have to focus because they just vibrate with no resistance. But we as humans have the capacity to think, therefore we can cause an upset in our vibration by thinking contrary to what we want and we end up creating negativity in our realm. You will know if you are on a negative path or a positive path by how you feel. And if it feels good then do it. But when it doesn’t feel good you have the ability to change your course of thoughts. See how it works?

And when I say, “Where focus goes, energy flows” I don’t mean that you have to think about it 24/7. I mean that when you do think about what you want let it be pleasing. If it starts feeling all balled up and you start asking where is it, how long is it going to be before it gets here, and who’s going to bring it, you end up not getting what you want. But if you put your order out to the Universe and then trust that it will be delivered, like the Publishers Clearing House does, you will always be surprised and delighted with your results. You can think about anything that keeps you in a good mood and everything you want will come. You only have to ask once for anything and then let the Universe work it’s magic and see that you are the master of you world. You can be do or have everything you don’t doubt. We can be sure that the Universe knows what we want and knows how to bring it to us. And you can bet that it will come in the most creative ways possible. We get everything we focus on but remember it works both ways, good and bad. So stay on the good thoughts as much as possible and if a negative thought arrives just think about something else, anything else, as long as it’s a pleasing thought. Trust that you are a worthy being and that you deserve to be happy and prosperous. Life is supposed to be good. So start practicing and see how, with little effort, you can have it all.

Now start dreaming and make your life exactly what you want it to be. It’s all up to you and it’s all good. Until next time.

With Great Love,

Deb Mertan


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