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Go With the Flow


I know you’ve heard the saying, “Go with the flow” before. But do you know what it really means? Well I’m going to tell you what it means to me. It means doing what feels good to me and only me. As Joseph Campbell said many years ago, “Follow your bliss”. I find that the happier I am the more good things happen to me. I know now that I have control over what I give my attention to, and if I don’t like something I don’t have to give it any attention. I have the power to turn the other cheek as Jesus said. I’ve also noticed that the more I give my attention to things I like the more those kinds of things appear for me to pay attention to. It may seem hard at first to change the way you have been thinking, but you can do it. It just takes practice and a willingness to want to be joyful. You have to decide, (and really mean it), that you want to be happy. Then you have to catch yourself in the act of not being happy, and see if you can find something else to pay attention to. And you don’t need to beat up on yourself when you are learning new habits and beliefs, (which are just thoughts you keep thinking). You are not going to be perfect at this at first. But that’s perfectly okay. If you are living a blissful life you will find that you will never get it wrong because you will never get it done. I’m sure that you have noticed that every time you accomplish one goal you immediately start looking for a new adventure to get your juices flowing again. That’s how we all expand and grow. We don’t just do one thing and stop there and say, “This is my only accomplishment and I need not do anything else in this lifetime”. Okay so once you really know that you are the master of your own domain you will want to start following your hunches. If you have a good idea you might want to give it some real air time, at least in your own mind, until you really feel good about it. When that happens you will be inspired to get the ball rolling.

When I relax and let my desires come to me in an unfolding that is undeniable it feels good. I pay attention and recognize that the things that I have been wanting are coming to me in a way that the Universe finds to be the path of least resistance. But if you think that it is just coincidence and you are not trusting that what you want is coming, that’s when things slow way down. Trust is a main ingredient when it comes to flowing with your stream. You can’t take score of what someone else is doing or getting. They are on their own journey, and they can’t vibrate for you or you for them. Give yourself permission to be who you really are and life will feel good. It’s supposed to feel good. When you get into that groove you will feel it down deep in your soul. It will make you want to sing and jump for joy. That’s what the athletes call getting in the zone. Yes they practice their sport but they also know that there is a stream of well- being that will cause them to do what people might call miraculous feats, or maybe it would seem almost magical. But what it really is, is that they can trust that they can do whatever it is they do and viola, success. Weather it’s throwing a basketball or football or kicking a field goal, they become one with their stream and they know without a doubt that they will accomplish their feat.

What I’m really trying to get across to you is that no one can flow for you. You need to find your own joy and let yourself off the hook. Stop listening to the nay-sayers and fill yourself with love, and be happy just to be you. When you look at life in this way it will seem like miracles are happening. It will feel like magic but down deep you will know that this is the way it is supposed to be for all of us.

So this is it. If you’re gay be gay and if you’re a scientist be a scientist and if you’re an athlete be an athlete. But do it with all your heart. Be who you are and life will morph around you to the point that no one else can take it away from you. It’s yours so own it with pride and without shame. Life is supposed to be good for everyone and only you can make it so for you Now be off with you and show the world who you really are. Be proud and loyal to your dreams, and again love with all your heart.

Remember there is always great love here for you.

Your Friend,

Deb Mertan


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