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Mojito Lime Chicken

Mojito Lime Chicken

2 lbs of chicken ( this recipe- skinless chicken breast tenders)

1 package of GrillMates Marinade- Mojito Lime flavor

Cooking oil to cover bottom of frying pan


1/4 c. of Olive Oil

2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar

2 TBSP of water

1-Gallon bag for marinading chicken .

Rinse your chicken and pat dry. Meanwhile mix marinade ingredients in a small bowl. Then put all the chicken in a bag . Add the marinade mix in the bag (reserve 2 tablespoons to add to chicken later). Then knead bag of chicken to get all of the marinade to cover the chicken evenly.

Meanwhile heat your oil in pan on med heat. Add chicken breast and cook five minutes on each side. Add remaining marinade and marinade in bag as you cook the chicken.

Serve with side dishes. Voila!

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