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God is Colorless

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Do you know why I call my web site “Love Equals Love”? It’s because I want to convey the message that what you put out will surely come back to you. And most of the time it’s a lot better than you could have imagined. Life is supposed to be good and when it isn’t it’s up to you to figure out what it is you truly want. The way to do that is to sift and sort through life and when things happen that you don’t like, that will let you know what you really want. But it would be very hard to jump all the way from not wanted to wanted. It has to come in increments. Little by little you will figure out how to turn a negative into a positive. It takes trust that what you want is coming and that who you are is worthy of all that is. This is also what I have come to think of as true freedom. Once you understand that you are the creator of your own world and you start leaning it that direction things will slowly but surely start lining up to bring you all the things you dream about. Whether it be a big pile of money or a lover or a dream job, it doesn’t matter, if you want it, it will come. It has to come. You need to give yourself a break when changing the direction of your life. After all it took a whole lifetime to develop the beliefs you have. But you need to stop and ask yourself “Are these beliefs serving me to my best advantage?” If it feels good then the answer is yes, but if it doesn’t feel good then the answer is no. And it would be in your best interest to change to thoughts that make you feel better. Just a little better will get the ball rolling and as you keep looking for better and better thoughts eventually you will see evidence of what you desire coming to you. When you really get the hang of catching yourself in the midst of an uncomfortable thought you will notice it and change it much more swiftly.

Seriously I am not just making up little stories to make people think that they can change their lives without firsthand knowledge of what I am saying. I have been practicing being happy for a few years now and my life has changed dramatically. I mean I was getting evicted from a rental when I first started and not only did I not get evicted but I actually bought a house a couple of years later. It has been an awesome journey and it just keeps getting better and better.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you right now. I have been writing blogs and giving you different processes by which you too can change your life and live your authentic dreams. I use words like momentum and re-train your brain and inspiration, but what you may not realize is that I actually do these processes I write about. These are not just words, these are guides in a sense. These words are meant to help you to remember to remember what you are here for. And that is to have fun and to love for the sake of loving.

Let me tell you what you can expect when you practice being happy all the time. You will get a whole new perspective of life and people and even animals. Especially animals. They just seem to know that you are in a high frequency vibration and they want to be around you. And I don’t just mean domestic animals, I mean Birds and lizards and even snails. I know it sounds weird but that’s what’s happening. Then time slows down. I never feel rushed and I’m always on time to anywhere I go. And it seems like I have a lot more time in the day then I used to have. And my timing is right on, whether I’m telling a joke or just saying the right thing at the right time. And writing blogs is becoming easier and more prophetic. I just seem to be smarter for some reason. And when I say I want something it seems like the universe goes out of it’s way to line up all the components that will help bring whatever it is to me. It’s like things just fall into my lap as soon as I decide I want them. It’s almost miraculous, and I say almost because I’m now understanding that this is the way it is supposed to be. This is what normal is and I mean for everyone, not just me. Life is supposed to be good, we just have to remember how loved and worthy we really are. And it can only come from one place. It starts with you and only you. You have to be the one that decides you want to be happy no matter what. So arguing with someone will be a thing of the past. It won’t be important to be right anymore if it takes away from your happiness. And good people will flock to you as well. They will want to know your secret of joy. And you can say, “I am joyful because I care about how I feel. I use my emotions as my GPS guide. It doesn’t bother me that someone is a different color than I am or that they live a different life style than I choose. I don’t worry about who thinks what. And if any of that mattered don’t you think God or whomever you believe in would have made us all the same color?” Maybe we would all be like robots and do everything the same if that were the case. So God must either be colorless or He/She is very multi colored. So I just go with the flow and let life live me. I ask for what I want and then relax in the knowing that it is on it’s way. I don’t need to know the details of how when or who is going to bring it. And I only take action when I am inspired to do so. Even writing these blogs has to come from a powerful urge to get up and do it now.

Here is an example of a powerful urge. I went to the garlic festival in Gilroy Ca. and after I parked the car my friends and I went to the trunk where our luggage was located and put on our sunblock. It was a very hot sunny day. Then we proceeded to the bus that would take us to the fairground. All of a sudden I got a very strong urge to go back to the car for a bottle of water. I felt like I had completely dried out and I had to go back. When I turned to go to my car I saw that the trunk was wide open. I knew without a doubt that I was being led back to the car so I could close the trunk. I truly believe that the universe or God or the source of energy that flows through us and everything on this planet always has my back. And if I pay attention to the signs and nudges and follow my bliss life can only get better.

My advice to anyone who wants it is to be easier on yourself. Take more naps. Pet your cat more often. Be playful and stop worrying about anything. Worry doesn’t serve you in any way except for a brief moment to remind you that you are a little off track. It’s like that little voice inside you saying, “Oh yeah, I don’t need to do that anymore, I do this now.” Then you can smile and say with full knowledge that there is nothing serious going on here. Life is supposed to be good and it’s okay to love everyone even if they are different than me. And once you get the hang of being happy everything you want will find it’s way to you. It’s like planting a seed in the ground. You put it there knowing that with some tender loving care it will grow into whatever plant you put there. You’re not going to plant corn and then see a rose bush come up. Have faith that whatever you ask for will come if you just keep nurturing the idea of it and let it come naturally, and the better you get at it the faster things will come.

So be off with you now. Go forth and smile. Be playful and have more fun. Be silly as much as possible. Jump for joy and stop and literally smell the roses. Life is what you and only you make of it. And you CAN be do or have anything big or small, it’s all the same as long as you believe. And remember there is so much love here for you.

Forever and always,

Deb Mertan


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