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Be Specific About What You Want, But Not How it Comes


 I have been practicing being a positive person for a long time now. And I have acquired a lot of things that I want. And as Abraham Hicks says, “It’s as easy to create a castle as it is a button.” I didn’t always get that, but I’m understanding it better and better now. One thing a person must practice is faith. Let me give you some examples:

     I was driving my old beat-up car one day when it all of a sudden stopped. I pulled over to the curb and tried to start the engine but it was dead. I called a tow truck to tow me to my mechanic. I thought he would be able to fix it so I could get back on the road. But he had bad news for me. He said the engine needed to be replaced. I thought that replacing it would be too much, because in my experience when you start adding new parts to an old car the other old parts start failing. So, I decided not to replace it, but I really needed a car and had no money for a down payment. My mechanic said he had a car on his lot that I could buy on payments. So without even seeing it I said okay and gave him the first installment. When I went to get in it and drive off I noticed that it was the worst car I had ever seen. First of all it was a two-door hatchback. The inside was a mess and it smelled like gas. The locks were all corroded, and it was a stick shift which is something I did not want anymore. But for now it would have to do. As I was getting off an off ramp to go visit a friend I thought to myself, “I really need to get some money for a down payment”. This car was not going to work long term. As I approached the traffic light I happened to look to my right and saw a sign that read, “$88.00 drives you off the lot. It was a Mazda dealership that just reopened and they were trying to attract new business. At first I thought it was a hoax, but as my friend and I were going to lunch I kept seeing the sign. So after lunch I told my friend that we were going to the Mazda dealer. Lo and behold it was true and I drove off the lot for $88.00 down. And the weird thing is that I never saw those signs again.

     You see, I had been thinking about a new car for a while but didn’t know how I was going to get one. I would think about how it would be to have all the new technology like bluetooth capabilities and electric windows. My old car was very generic. It was also very small and I wanted an SUV. I thought about how nice it would be to have tinted windows as well. And guess what? My new car had all those things, but I didn’t even realize it for a few days after purchasing it. I was just so thrilled with the down payment that I missed seeing all those things. Looking back you can see that just by imagining what I wanted and not stressing about how it would come, the Universe took care of all the details. That’s how manifestation works.

     Another thing that happened is I was renting the house I was living in, and my landlord told me that they were going to have to sell the house. I didn’t get upset because I have faith that the Universe always has my back, and something good was about to happen. So, I just calmly said okay and that I would start looking for another place to rent. But while getting on to an on ramp I saw a sign on the side of the road that read, “$1500.00 will get you into a house”. I was so excited. I called the number and made an appointment right away. The woman who was running the program told me I qualified for $120,000.00, so I looked around at some of the properties in that price range and found them all to be awful. I told the woman that I didn’t think I could find a property in that price range that would suit me. She asked if I had a child that could go in on it with me, but my daughter just started a new job and they required two years on the job. And my son just graduated from college and started a new job at Nasa/JPL so I didn’t think that would work. But the woman told me that as long as he had his transcripts and his diploma and a letter from his job stating what his salary would be that he did qualify for $250,000.00. So together we qualified for $370,000.00. That meant we could buy the house we were living in. But now there was another issue. We made $1000.00 too much to qualify for the $1500.00 deal. Now we needed to come up with $20,000.00 down. But I didn’t get scared by that. Again, I know the Universe has my back.

     On the day the caravan came through to see the house I sat on the front porch and told everyone that came in how great the house was and how nice the neighbors were. And that we were the only house with a big front porch. Later that evening I called the Landlord and told her that my son and I could buy the house, but she had already signed with a couple and they would have to cancel on her. I still didn’t get discouraged; I just knew all was well.

     When the potential new owner came with the inspector they checked every inch of the house from the attic to the baseboards. And believe it or not, the couple did cancel. My landlord called me in a panic and asked me what I said to him to make him cancel. I told her I was very nice to him, and I had no idea why they decided to quit. But I also reminded her that my son and I were wanting to purchase this property. So, she calmed down and we used her realtor and loan officer. Of course, we still needed to come up with $20,000.00 but that was something for the Universe to work out. I opened escrow with my only $2,000.00 and asked for a sixty-day escrow so that I had time to collect the rest of the down payment. The next way we got part of the money was to raise the price by $6000.00 which brought the amount to $8000.00. Then the owners of the house said that they would relinquish $2000.00 of their equity to bring it to $10,000.00. But we still needed $10,000.00. The loan officer asked if we knew anyone that would give us that amount as a gift. At that moment a name popped into my head. But I just let it go for the moment. You see it was Thanksgiving weekend and I decided to just relax and enjoy the holiday since there was nothing, I could do at this time anyway. My son was a little freaked out because the time was coming close to close, but I just kept saying everything was going to work out. 

     When Monday morning came, I went to work as usual, and this person’s name kept popping into my mind, so at lunch time I decided to give him a call. What was the worst that could happen? When I explained the situation to him, he didn’t even hesitate, he said he would wire the money that day. 

    I have been in my home now for 7 years as an owner and I’ve never missed a single payment. Faith is the key. Keep believing and seeing what you want and let the Universe take care of the details. Pay attention to the signs, literally on the side of the road sometimes. The signs are everywhere. You just have to believe that they are really there for you. I could tell you many more stories like these, but I think you get the idea. 

     Believe it or not you have probably gotten things that you have been asking for but didn’t realize it because you had a specific way you imagined it would come. One example I can give you is that I always wanted a big house that I could rent rooms out to fun creative people. And when it’s time for them to move on they leave with a new sense of joy, love and positivity. I don’t have a big house yet, but I have had many roommates and I believe that they have all gotten better from being here. You see, the Universe is always listening and guiding and delivering everything we give our focus to. And that means good and bad things. So do yourself a favor and stop worrying, doubting and blaming anyone else for what happens in your life. Think about what you want only and push all negative thoughts away. And let the Universe work for you.

     My advice to anyone that wants to live a more joyful, purposeful and abundant life is to relax, focus on what you want and have faith that you are worthy of everything you desire. Keep yourself as happy as possible and live in the now. The past is gone and the future hasn’t been written yet. You are the author of your life story, so why not create the best you? Be who brings not only you joy, but the whole world. Just think, if everyone would focus on their own happiness there would be no reason for jealousy, hate, war, rudeness, or any other kind of ugliness. Of course that’s just my opinion. I suggest you take what you want from this blog and leave the rest, unless you do resonate with all of it. Only you can know. And you are the only one that counts.

     So I say to all who read this blog, please feel free to be who pleases you. Be happy as much as possible and spread the joy day by day. For each day is a gift to cherish and then release to grow into the next day. 

     And remember there is always tremendous love for you here.


                                      Deb Mertan


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